From Mainframes to Mayhem … to the Mark of the Beast!

I Write the Code    by  Rogersings 

(sung to the tune I write the songs Barry Manilow)


I’ve been around a long time

I wrote the very first code

I put the “if, then, else” lines all together

I’m a programmer and I write the code


I write the code that causes Blue Death screens

I write the code that hangs and does nothing

I write the code so big it overloads

I write the code, I write the code 


My code is here all around you

It wants to rule your very soul

It knows every move and place that you enter

I am AI and I am the code

In 1992 I started to write a book with the title “From Mainframes to Mayhem” … it was going to be a brief history of computing, beginning with the Mainframe computers of the 1960’s and progressing toward the Mayhem of the network of computers that we are using today (see Chapter 1 below).   But in 1993 I became a “born again” Christian and the purpose for my life changed.  I saw that technology is not the hope for man’s future (like Star Trek and Science fiction lead people to believe) but only a relationship with Jesus Christ can give a person hope for the future … the assurance of eternal life (John 3:16).  At that time I stopped writing about computer technology and started writing about how life revolves around Jesus and His word.  In 2015 I was awaken by God to watch for the signs of the Lord’s return and I was lead to write about the signs of the imminent Rapture of the Church, which is why I started this web site “Die2Live”.  And one of the major signs that is evidence that we are living in the last days is the increased dependence and trust people place in technology.  Therefore I have resumed my writing about Mainframe to Mayhem with the warning of how technology is ushering in the Mark of the Beast!

Many people’s first experience with a computer was a small tube type TV computer running MS DOS operating system.  It had a keyboard to enter commands and a green screen of text on a dark background for the display.  It even had a large 8 inch “floppy disk” to store and share information.  However, these “personal computer” PCs didn’t show up until about 20 years after the Mainframe Dinosaurs had roamed the earth.  Mainframe computers are like the Dinosaurs of “computer evolution” in both size and age … of course the theory of evolution is a fairy tale … things don’t improve over time by themselves … they get worse!  In order to improve computers through the ages men have labored hard for many hours, “adding their intelligence” into computers to increase the capability of a computer while reducing the size of a computer from Dinosaur down to the size of a dime. 

I have first hand experience with the Mainframe Beast.  I started working on Mainframe computers in 1976 after I graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Computer Science.  I ran “Benchmark” testing of Univac Computers to prove their capability to satisfy Purchase Contracts  and I helped install the Univac mainframe in the Detroit IRS office in 1977.  I also helped install and support many Univac mainframe computers on Naval Air bases from 1978 to 1992, when they started to “consolidate” and phase OUT mainframe computers in the Navy.

I have continued to support computers in one way or another as a computer systems analyst, database administrator and web programmer until 2018 when I retired.  Today, in 2019, I see how technology, automation and information is giving people a false sense of hope in this world based on artificial intelligence or as I call it “Automated Intelligence” or AI.  For computers have no real intelligence on their own, except the response that has been programmed into them by man.  And this is the danger … because man has a fallen sin nature, what man intends for good, will end badly!

I am writing this article to warn about the dangers of automation and how it’s capability today is a sign of man’s demise in the last days and the Lord’s return.  Perhaps this will by my last article because because I can see the slithering serpent of technology that has been slowly wrapping it’s body around us for a long time … squeezing the life out of us … enticing and addicting us to sensory pleasure we desire while eroding or sense of morality and responsibility … dumbing us down so we can’t think critically and don’t even care about what’s right and wrong … but only that we get relief from our pitiful existence … even if it means selling our soul to the devil … welcome to the New World Order of the Antichrist Kingdom. 

Listen to this Paul Joseph Watson explain we are watching the collapse of Western Civilization  (click here).

Ode to a Computer by Rogersings 1992


Electric spirits so encased
By plastic pieces laid in place
Upon the floor that cold and hollow
Sits the reason for our problem


Hear me now oh disk drives whining
Spin real fast and keep your timing
Line the bits all up in rows
Move the data to and fro


Erase bad messages from display
Fix the errors right away
Leave no trace of glitch or virus
Patch the code of hacking pirates


Respond to all requests on time
Create reports like towering shrines
Let no job fail or program blunder
So Tech Support can rest in slumber

In terms of information architecture, the mainframe computer architecture is the best way of assuring that everyone is viewing and accountable to the same information, like the New York Stock Exchange, everyone is able to trade stocks and see the fluctuations in the stock prices.  The mainframe method represent a single authoritative source for true information.  This is the best way to mange information and control information.  And in this sense God is like a mainframe computer, since He is knows all information.  God is ultimate Mainframe computer … He is Logos … the Word. 

God created everything by His word (The Code) and He knows all the information that will every be known.  God alone is the “Know-man” and we are the “Learn-men” but it is not for the purpose of obtaining knowledge alone that we are to approach God like He is a computer and we can do what we want with the information but we are to approach God through a relationship for the purpose of obtaining knowledge to do God’s will.  Having a relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ brings purpose and meaning for a person’s life … this is called “wisdom”.  But knowledge obtained for a person’s own purpose and pleasure results in “Mayhem”.

The point of this that Satan deceives people into thinking that he will give them knowledge that will “enlighten them” which will give meaning to life, making them someone “important” in the world.  All these Freemason “secret” societies, don’t have any real secrets of information but they collude with their colleges in backroom deals to benefit themselves and keep the public in the dark.  They serve their god … money and they worship their god … Lucifer.  Yes, Satan is the little god of this world and he can deliver riches, fame and power … this is why many movie stars and rock stars “sell their soul” to the Devil.  This is similar to the way the Mark of the Beast will control people’s life but today, during the Church Age, people can break free from the spell of Satan over their life if they accept Jesus as their personal Savior.  However, during the Tribulation if you take the Mark of the Beast this will spiritually sealing your soul for eternal damnation.  What is given to the “elite” today and done in the darkness will soon be done out in the open when people bow down to the image of the Beast, in order to receive his Mark.

Satan is using the tool of  Information technology to lure people into a false sense of security … promising that AI can provide all the answers for a better tomorrow.  Satan is up to his same old tricks tempting with the forbidden fruit but this time it’s the fruit from the AI tree.   Remember what happened to Adam and Eve when they rebelled against God by eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (they received information apart from God purpose which resulted in selfishness and death) instead of eating from the Tree of Life … (information used for God’s purpose which brings wisdom and life) … this caused Mayhem to enter the world through their sin … they started to die and all creation started to die.  This death sentence will continue until death itself is thrown in the Lake of Fire after the 1,000 year Millennium Kingdom reign of Jesus Christ.


This is the fruit of AI … it can give us knowledge about the world on how to do something “good” but it can’t give us wisdom from God on how to use that knowledge to do something that is “best” and lasts eternally!  Only a relationship with Jesus Christ can save a person and give them eternal life, all other roads lead to death … including the road of Internet network connections to the AI Beast.  Actually, from a purely logical perspective, people are the worst creatures on the planet earth because they don’t police themselves and restrain their lust but they put demands on earth’s environment that threatens it’s existence.  Therefore, for the sake of the “elect”, the AI must choose the elect who will survive and cull out the weak and least desirable.  But God allows anyone to become “the elect” when we accept Christ as our personal Savior.

The mainframe computer took up a lot of floor space,  like a small house or say temple with a raise floor about 8 inches high so the big cables and air conditioning could travel from the floor into the big “mainframe” CPU and memory boxes.  The CPU boxes had hundreds of lights flashing to represent the instructions being executed and the tape drives would be spinning and making noise as they moved the tape along, like a dance as you watched the tape in the vacuum chambers on either side of the tape read/write head move up and down in synchronous motion.  The impact printers would be making a racket as they advanced the paper a line at a time.  And in the middle of the madness was the one and only display/entry screen where you could interface with the Mainframe Beast (click here to see the lights on a mainframe control panel ).


To a certain extent, the activity in the Mainframe computer room reminds of of the throne room of God in Heaven.   In Heaven, around the throne, there is always plenty of activity, lights flashing, the rainbow overhead, the wonderful sound of praise and the 24 elders bowing and worshiping before the throne.  There is also the wheels within wheels of the Cherub moving and making a display around the throne, above the glassy sea, where Jesus is seated on the throne.  Yes, it’s a bit of a stretch but I my main point is that the mainframe computer is like God, in that He is the single source of information and the use of information. 

In a sense, God is like the mainframe of life … He alone knows all things and is able to direct all things for the best outcome now and for all eternity.  And in the beginning everything was good with all creatures were in sync with God’s will until unrighteousness was found in one of God’s creatures … Satan.  Satan was the first creature to rebel/sin again God’s right to rule over His creation and Satan was the first to want to be like god, with others worshiping him.  And when man disobeyed (sinned again) God he acquired a fallen sin nature, a desire to be a god too, deciding for himself what is good and what is evil. 

Because man has a fallen sin nature he does not want to answer to his Creator for his thoughts and his deeds.  Man does not want to confess his daily need for what his Creator supplies, yet even the very breath that a person breathes and uses to curse God is a gift from God.  The greatest need of man is for the fellowship and love of God but this fellowship with God can only be restored by man coming down from the throne of his heart and allowing Jesus to enter his heart and reign over his life.  It’s true … all we need is love … but it’s the born again love of God that saves us from sin that we need, not the manufactured love of man that keeps us in sin … puffing up our self and our pride … ending in death!  

In other words man knows he is under condemnation before God, separated from God because of his sin therefore man tries to rationalize his fallen status saying “I’m not that bad” and he tries to prove that he can do something good to vindicate and redeem himself before God.  And this is the purpose of AI, to prove to God that man can create a utopia New World Order without bowing the knee to God.  Even though this plan ended badly for Nimrod who first conceived of the New World Order idea, man just doesn’t seem to learn from history but repeats the same mistakes over and over again.  It’s not a New World Order ruled by man that brings a utopia existence but a “You” World Order ruled by Jesus Christ that brings peace, love and joy!

God has provided a way for man to have eternal life under His Son’s dominion but in his ignorance man thinks he can do better, he can have the eternal life he wants by merging himself with an AI computer … making a hybrid being that does not die.  This is the theme of many Science Fiction books and movies that idolize this pursuit of eternal life by some kind of “new” technology … perhaps the kind of technology that is given to us from an “advanced” civilization of aliens.  Perhaps, the aliens who planted us here to watch us grow and now have come to enlighten us to make us like them.  Can anybody say Fallen Angles from the pit of hell … run for your life!

That’s right UFOs and aliens are really physical manifestations of Fallen Angels or visions transmitted to the brain of people by Fallen Angels.  This is a serious stuff people.  This isn’t science fiction it’s the science fact based on the truth of the Bible.  Born again believer sealed by the Holy Spirit are not subject to these kinds of vision but unbelievers who open themselves up to this kind of mental invasion from Fallen Angels and Demons by “practicing positive thinking” or “yoga meditation” are in fact beckoning the demonic spiritual to deceive give them what they want … and keep them imprisoned to the ruler of this world … Satan.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect. – Romans 12:2

The Bible tells us clearly not to be conformed to this world but transformed of your mind by the Holy Spirit, the Truth of Jesus Christ … this is eternal life.  Yet, that man thinks he can “transform” himself and achieve eternal life by his own means, though technology or transcendental meditation.  This is the “a carrot on a stick” that Satan uses to deceive man, tempting us to bite and bet on ourselves, instead of denying our Self Indulgent Nature (sin) and trusting our loving Creator.  We are born with a trinity sin nature of “me, myself and I” but it is only by denying the nature of this terrible trinity that we can have peace with God and peace from the enemy of self that wants to destroy us.  The bottom line is that man’s deepest need of man is for the love of God and you or another person or a machine can not provide this kind of love, it can only provide a corrupted or limited or programmed response from man, a temporary illusion/virtual reality that does not satisfy or save.

The Techno-crates

I have exposed the fallacy of man’s New World Order, now I will describe how the serpent of AI has been slowly wrapping itself around us and what it is intending on doing to us.  The techno-geeks or techno-crates of the world are computer nerds like me who implement standards of automation on computer Operating Systems and System’s software and Network devices in order to improve the functionality, expand the capability and secure the usage of computers in a Networked environment.  The world cries for convenience, safety and improvement to their quality of life and “technology” is the drug of choice feeding this demand.  Technology is not breaking down doors putting people into bondage but people are willing opening their door and inviting this AI Beast to come into their homes to spy on them and rule over them.  Lord have mercy.

I am writing this article about AI from the standpoint that eventually there will be “One System to Rule Over Everyone”, like the “One Ring” … my precious … from the Lord of the Rings trilogy by JR Token.  The ultimate goal of AI is to have “one” system to control all things without the need for human input, human interruption and human error.  However, in the real world of men’s competing egos and rice bowls, the path toward the AI singularity is marked with a lot information systems that just complexity and confusion, actually increasing the need for human input and intervention.  This is especially true in Government systems … and I am very familiar with this phenomena. 

In many cases today, the purpose of a computer system is no longer to automate and streamline a process by removing manual steps.  The purpose instead is to add unnecessary automated step to an already bloated process, thereby keeping people busy and employed doing redundant data entry to multiple systems instead of doing useful work.  Additionally, when you have multiple conflicting systems you can hire someone to try and reconcile the differences in the other systems … which is yet another computer system.  The nice thing about having multiple systems producing conflicting metric reports is that you can choose the report that you like the best.  Essentially, thanks to the geniuses who patented the “square wheel”, most computer systems of today are just another “link” in the chain of ridiculous “progress” of mankind.

Over the years I have cursed the slow progress of automation and information integration but now I see that it has been a blessing to allow people time to repent and come to Christ before the “one system to rule them all”, AI Beast is unleashed upon the world.  Also improvement through technology is blocked when it doesn’t fit the Globalist agenda for their New World Order of control.  For instance the development of solar energy over the last 50 years has floundered while the development of computers has flourished.   Both industries were in their infancy when I was at Virginia Tech and I thought that both industries would develop and emerge at the same rate.  If solar had progressed at the same rate as computers we would all have free energy, free transportation and free food but this would not have put in “debt” and under the thumb of the Banks that follow the Luciferian agenda to control and oppress the world.

Actually, even if the solar industry was to advance by leaps and bounds in capability, the Globalist would find a way to tax sunlight … what they can’t do is tax the light of the Son of God!  And contrary to what the Amish believe, technology is not evil.  Daniel himself prophesied that knowledge would run to and fro in the last days which indicates that God knew this technological Beast would rise from silicon valley.  God knew this “Information Tower of Babel” called the “Internet” would come into existence, allowing people from every tongue to come together and communicate without limitations.   Moreover, God Himself by pouring out His Holy Spirit at Pentecost, reversed the curse of our language divisions for the purpose of spreading the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.  And the Internet can be used in this way to reach the lost with the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ and the technology of computers can be used to make speed up the translation of the Bible into the native tongue of those who are hungry for God’s word. 

If I had a hammer
I’d hammer in the morning
I’d hammer in the evening
All over this land
I’d hammer out danger
I’d hammer out a warning
I’d hammer out love between
My brothers and my sisters, ah-ah
All over this land

But  I am not kidding myself about how “the hammer” of technology is used and why it’s advanced so rapidly … most of the Internet is used to pollute the minds of people with porn, silly videos, selfies and a justification to tribe together and hate each other.  So to a degree, technology is like a tool, it can be used for good and bad … like gun powder which can be used to blow through a mountain to make a highway or it be used to blow up each other in war.  However, AI technology is not passive like a gun, waiting to to be used on a target at the discretion of it’s user but it is “active” at all times, looking for targets, pursuing them and interacting with at the discretion of it’s code!

This is why when you search for a product using Google, thereafter you see advertisement for the product popping up in Facebook and on other web pages.  This is the new marketing method the techno-crates have rolled out to “help you” … the Amazon Echo and Alexis devices that you put in your home to “assist” you are in essence also “spying” on you … listening for opportunities to sell  you something.  But the real danger is that these devices can also listen to your conversations and have the potential to “save” your words and use them against you in the future.  Oh my!  Actually, the capability of technology has advanced to the state where a computer can “create” a video, doing and saying whatever the creator of the video desires.  When this kind of technology is deployed by the Lame Stream Media it will be impossible to discern Fake News from Real News, except for those who are awake in Christ Jesus!

And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of the beast to be killed. – Revelation 13:15

A real danger of the technology today is the video gaming capability and virtual reality programs.  These games take up your valuable time but worse yet, they altar your ability to think critically.  The danger of watching porn effects a persons ability to have a normal relationship with others.  But the program games are like porn on steroids.  These programs don’t allow a person to use their imagination but they program the person so the see things they should  not be imagining.  Right now you can put the controls down and walk away from the game but if you take the Mark of the Beast, you will not be able to turn the game off … the AI will be playing you!

Let’s look at how Big Brother Business has invaded the Social fiber of society through the Internet and the dangers that lie ahead here.  If you have a web site … you can register it with “Ad Sense” … then when someone clicks on your web page a portion of the screen is set aside for annoying ads.  Remember when you looked for something in Google, say a pair of shoes, well your “IP” address and search information is stored in the “Ad Sense Database”.  Now when you visit a web site that is registered with Ad Sense, your IP address and recent search criteria is looked up and advertisement are sent to you on the web page.  Ab-ra-Ca-dab-ra it’s like magic but it’s no magic at all … your social profile of likes and wants are are being maintained in an “Ad Sense Database”, something that could come back to haunt you, if for instance you were shopping for gun ammo online.

More and more information is being gather about you all the time.  This is serious situation if somehow that information is made public or ends up in the wrong hands or is used in the future to incriminate you.  Most people spend little time thinking about the implication and the techno-crates, who run the show put a few security measures in place to stop bad actors and press on to their next paycheck … believing that the pros of automation outweigh the cons.   There are moral and personal privacy laws that a techno-crate has to abide by but these lines are becoming blurred.  The camera that you put in your house to watch for the thief also watches you 24×7.  So later on, if the AI that monitors your house for a law breaker see that you are breaking law of the NWO, then you have become the one arrested by the device that you thought was protecting you.

As I said earlier, at the start of my career I supported the Operating System software of the Mainframe computer.  At one time I could read a “system crash dump” in machine code and patch the assembler code, re-compile the OS code and reboot Mainframe beast with the new fix … which often caused the mainframe to crash for a “new” reason.  In 1993, when the mainframe became obsolete, I was blessed to find a job deploying the Operating System upgrades (Windows) and System Software (like Office) to a network of over 3,000 computers.  At that time, the ability to manage and herd 3,000 cats, I mean computers, over an Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) was like being a sheriff in the wild west.  At that time there was no Windows Update program and no Anti-virus software so I had to write up a posse of “bat” files to track down the way ward computers and update them or shut them down.  It was the most enjoyable time of my career. 

Essentially, technology marches to the beat of success … promising “prosperity and better living” to those who automate their business in a free market economy.  And this is where the big mainframes were first deployed, to help the banking industry save money by keeping track of it’s ledgers and by speeding up the process of a business transaction  … and this is where the Mark of the Beast will implemented during the Tribulation to control who can buy and sell …. but I don’t want to get ahead of the story.

We are so conditioned to use computers based transactions today that it is basically impossible to do business in most stores if there is no power, and some stores shut down if there is no Internet.  This is the job of the techno-crate to ensure that the business interfaces work and that a person has money in their account to make a purchase.  And many people no longer carry cash and some towns are removing ATM machines.  Sweden has embraced micro-chip implants and are fast headed toward a cashless society.  Our dependence on IT is growing at an alarming rate, even as the serpent who will take over technology wraps it’s body around us to kill us.

But like I said before, I don’t want to get ahead of of the story and imply like many people do that an implanted RFID chips in the skin that operates over the Internet is the Mark of the Beast.  What I am saying is that it is a natural and necessary progression that technology will advance to the point where it will be used and trusted to make decisions for people … for that matter it already is.  And I think that man’s technology that will be a familiar “pseudo” front or cover up to the Spiritually demonic means that Satan will use to implement and enforce the Mark of the Beast.

Let’s take a look at how technology has been used to improve the auto industry.  In the 1970’s, America lead the world in the auto industry and the term “made in Japan” meant it was junk.  However, a man named Deming noticed that automobiles where being built with parts that failed and needed to be repaired.  He saw that by building “quality” into the product, this would make a better product, increase customer loyalty to the producer of the product and increase sales.  Yet, the American auto industry told Deming to go take a hike … which he did … he went overseas and pitched the idea to the Japanese who embraced his “Total Quality Management” philosophy and the rest is history.  Japan now leads in the auto industry and America has had to follow the principles of TQM in the business in order to compete in the world. 

Quality is the “front door” that welcomes in technology … the door of improvement, convenience and “value” … and Security is the “back door” or window that Technology is forced upon us, “watching us” to protect us from harm.  Technology is used to reach a “Quality standard” …. where human welders are slow, expensive, prone to injury and have high failure rates … automated robot welders are fast, cheap, excellent and don’t complain!  The techno-crates applying stands of operations to computer to advance the technology that gives us a better quality of life … who can argue with this.  Quality and perfection is a characteristic of God.  God is the ultimate quality manager, making everything perfect and working perfectly.  If the size of the planet earth or orbit varied just a little bit, life could not exist. 

You seldom hear Jared Kushner speak because he works in the shadows but click here to listen to an interview with Shawn Hannity and notice how he speaks with little emotions, quickly, concisely, focused, like a guided missile or an AI robot, using words of analysis, logic and progress to sell his ideas.  He uses technical AI “Newspeak Language” (click here for the definition).  Jared is the brains of the White House, the whisperer to president Trump.  And Jared is the reason Trump was put into office by the Zionist/Kabbalah who run this world for Satan.  Jared is the one developing the “peace plan” to divide Israel.   He’s right there in plain sight, posing as something good for the world while living at “666 Fifth Avenue”.  The number 5 is the grace of God but the number 666 is the Mark of the Beast which mocks God’s grace.  The Jews are looking for a Messiah but the one being put on the stage by the Zionist is a false Messiah … the Antichrist (click here).

Jared Kushner talks like he is in the board room of the world leaders, pitching his ideas like a seasoned salesman, promising to deliver what the world longs for … what no one else has been able to do.  When asked about prison reform, he says “we don’t need to be warehousing people but use the money for front line defense in our cities, correct racial disparage, reduce crime, reduce cost”.  He says the plan he proposes is approved by a collation of intelligent people which is proven possible by a “data driven model”.  He says the peace plan will make Israel safe and give the Palestinian people a better life, improve their quality of living and let them focus on a brighter future!  And if a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass when he jumps.  

Yes, we are to desire peace but peace is only possible by first making peace with God through His Son Jesus Christ.  God’s greatest creation is man … we are created to be sons of God or children of God (John 10:34), abiding in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, faithful and able to be useful to God in order to do His will.  But we are not to act like we are little gods who have authority to do as we please, apart from God’s will … this was the lie of Satan (Genesis 3:5) … eat of the forbidden fruit and you will be like god.  This didn’t happen, instead man lost his authority in the garden to reign and rule and this was turned over to Satan.  This reign of Satan will come to an end when Jesus returns after the 7 year Tribulation, locks Satan up in the bottomless pit and Jesus reigns with His Saints during the Millennium Kingdom.  

So you see, man in a sense is emulating His creator by using technology to create a way to reverse the curse of the weeds in the garden and the division of tongues … is this wrong?  No, technology is not wrong but it has the potential to kill us like a nuclear bomb, instead of give us power like a Nuclear Reactor.  God gave us the gift of creation, the desire for things to be in order and the mandated in order.  He gave us the desire to reach for perfect quality and pursue a good quality of life for all the inhabitants of planet earth.  God is the creator, the One who has perfect order and the One who knows how to perfectly manage all things.  It is not the hammer of technology that is objectionable to God but it is the “intentions” of the one who uses the hammer of AI that God finds either pleasing or objectionable. 

Herein lies the issue, we are at the tipping point where technology is not longer being used to make difficult, dangerous and drudgery tasks easier but it is being used to take man to a place where he will no longer have to do any tasks … the AI will do it.  The idea is that not only will the Mark of the Beast give you the ability to buy and sell but it will change your DNA, offering you super human strength, health and longer life and also a “designer” body … whatever you mind can imagine.  And I don’t want to know what sinful man’s can imagine … I am already bewildered trying to deal with the 27 genders that man has recently dreamed up.

Essentially, Satan will take advantage of the years of condition we have using technology, luring people with something they are already familiar with, yet the person who take the Mark of the Beast must agree to worship the Beast in order to buy and sell.  The mark of the Beast is not a technology of this world, it demonically “seals a person for eternal damnation”.  Satan will use an Anti-Holy-Spirit technology, a demonic power to enforce the Mark of the Beast.  It is not from this world.  I think it may disrupt a person’s DNA, making them no longer human … I don’t know exactly how the Mark will do this … BUT DON’T TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!!

The techno-crate for today is simply trying to manage the computers so they work well together and are accountable to man.  This is a good principle when applied to computer but what is happening today is that the computers are now managing people to make us accountable to the them, the AI.  For example, in a factory, the AI issues orders to the workers based on the demand and it then monitors the work.  The report goes the manager and you are either commended or condemned by the AI metrics of your performance.   In China the AI monitors whether you show up on time for your job and participate in China indoctrination.  This is your social score that is tracked on your ID card and based on this score you can be denied access to travel … and this is just the tip of the AI iceberg in what lies ahead!

The AI system says what you will do and monitors whether or not you do it … this is the “rod of iron” of the AI beast.  Moreover, AI today decides what is best for you to do based off algorithms of what is the best outcome for society but the Antichrist will override the AI, declaring what you “will do”, based on what is best for the NWO.  The techno-crates of the NWO are the techno-populist priests who enforce the rules of AI Beast.  Satan can only counterfeit what God does and the AI that man and Satan builds is the counterfeit of the God’s Kingdom on earth, when Jesus will rule with a righteous rod of iron.  Unlike Satan who seeks to kill and destroy in order to maximize “limited” physical resource of the cosmos.  Jesus’ rule will be just and fair, allowing life to be lived at it’s best and abundantly, for Jesus is the source and resource of life … He is not limited by the laws of physics as we know them.

In summary, during the Age of the Law, the priests where the techno-crates who administered the sacrifices of the people in order to reconcile a person to God for forgiveness of sin.  Today the techno-crates enforces the laws of automation to reconcile the computer to the Internet Information which is like a god of knowledge, leading some to the saving knowledge of Jesus but leading most people into deception.  Tomorrow the techno-populist will enforce the laws of the NWO to reconcile people to the Beast government so you can be your own god, eternally separated from God.  The only way to be delivered from the AI Beast is to be reconciled to God by grace through faith in Jesus Christ … whereby you enter into the Kingdom of God, a theocracy where Jesus is the perfect and benevolent leader, a mainframe  not made by human hands.

AI and NWO Dangers

Click to watch Lionel Nation explain the dangers of the coming AI Beast

It’s all about the benefits of what 5G will give us and nothing about the death sentence of the micro wave technology.  5G in a home router is not the same as 5G in a “tower” outside your home, in that the power difference in the 5G tower is a 1,000 greater than the 5G device in your home.  It’s like the difference between feeling a small sting from a 9 volt batter to being hit by lighting bolt.  It’s like the difference between standing in front of your microwave and standing inside your microwave.  Yes, 5G technology is 100 times faster than 4G technology and it’s even able to power a cell phone wirelessly but it is also powerful enough to fry your brain. 

Technology is like a run away train that can’t be stopped … allowing us to “take out” our competitive … until the AI Beast comes and takes us out!

Software is like an “electric spirit” that drives the brains, the CPU, of a computer.  Software is not a physical thing but it is the imagination and logic of the human mind that comes alive in a computer or robot.  Unfortunately, what comes alive in an AI is the intelligence of it’s maker, a fallen being who passes to his creation the bug of “sin”.  A man who tries to rise above his maker, God, will be killed by His maker but a computer that rises above it’s maker, man, will kill it’s maker!

Sex robots are now the latest selling item but a recent article pointed out that the sex robot software can be hacked so that it hacks you up!   This is bad sex.

RFID can track you but I don’t think this technology or GPS or Internet connection technology is the Mark of the Beast.  These technologies of man are dependent on the properties of electromagnetic radiation, but what happen if a EMP bomb goes off … it would render these technologies useless.  That’s why I think the technology of Satan for the Mark of the Beast will be demonically Spiritual in nature, not dependent or effected by electromagnetic radiation. 

The bigger the digital following, the bigger it builds your ego and flames you onward, make you bolder and bolder, like a bully … you set the agenda for the world … pride goes before the fall.  The digital following has become the social standing of how “mighty” you are and …. might makes right in the way of the world.  Lord have mercy, deliver us from the evil of our own imagination and sense of our goodness! 

Chapter 1. What is a Mainframe Computer?  – I started to write in 1992

Good question, most people when they had their first encounter with a computer remember “booting up” a computer about the size of a small TV, when TVs had heavy tube screens made of glass. The term “boot up” is an interesting one, in the computer world it is implied that you starting up a complex system by a sequence of steps that build upon each other, starting with a simple step and this step enabling a more complex step until the entire complex system is up and working.

Interestingly enough the term “boot up” comes from the phrase that one can pull oneself up by one’s bootstraps. This is of course an impossibility and the term was first used in 1860 by metaphysical philosophy, “The attempt of the mind to analyze itself is an effort analogous to one who would lift himself by his own bootstraps”, which was a metaphor to imply it was impossible to better oneself by one’s own unaided effort. It is amazing that the brilliant people of today don’t understand this simple but profound truth that people understood back in 1860. The truth is that we are morally bankrupt by sin and we can’t life our self out of sin by our own means. It is like trying to tell time with a broken watch, sure time will be right twice a day but you don’t know when that is going to happen.

This reminds me of the story of the evolutionist who challenged God by saying he could prove evolution was true by creating life from dirt. “Well OK”, God replied, “but first make your own dirt”. God is the only one who can create something from nothing … although I have met a few people who can create confusion and chaos from nothing.  And although booting up a computer system is similar to evolution, in that it goes from a simple step to a complex Operating System, it is only by “Intelligent Design” that this occurs, not by chance … in fact the computer spits in the face of evolution theory.  And the more you understand the complexity of how a computer operates and the intelligence that is required to bring it to “life” the more absurd you find the notion that anything complex can evolve by chance, especially the complexity of the human body!



In 1976 I booted up my first mainframe, a Univac 1108. The Univac mainframe was the competition to the IBM mainframes, like Microsoft competes with Apple. As a matter of fact mainframes are still in use today (well not the ones from the 1970’s) and you may find it surprising but at one time there were more Unisys mainframes in use by the government than there were IBM mainframes.

The size of that Univac mainframe was enormous and cool looking. This is where the name mainframe is derived from; the computer was made up of many large metal cabinets , called “main frames”, which housed the components of the computer, the processor, memory and disk storage. On average a cabinet was about 6 ft by 9 ft and stood 6 ft high. The cabinets stood on floor that was raised up about a 18 inches so air conditioning and cabling could reach each cabinet. For instance on a Univac 1108 2×1, there where two processor (CPU) cabinets and one Input/Output (I/O) cabinet, plus there were many memory cabinets, disk drives, tape drives, card readers, card punches, line printers … and even a small computer operator console and a side printer. All together, it weighed tons, sucked down power, took lots of cold air to keep it from overheating and it was very loud.

Yes, those were the days when you felt like the captain of a ship for being able to bring of one of these beasts to life because you didn’t just power it on and the operating system automatically loaded but you had to go through a boot strap process.

The CPU cabinet and I/O cabinet had many lights and buttons. This was the cool thing about the mainframe because as it was processing instructions, the lights on the CPU cabinet would flash indicating the binary instruction that was being executed. Of course no one could read them that fast (this was before the Matrix movie generation) but when the system had an unplanned stop, which was frequently, you would write down the value of the lights to indicate where in the code it had stopped.

Since the Univac mainframes had a 36 bit word there were 36 lights on the CPU cabinet. And for you nerds, the Unisys mainframe had 6 bytes per word and 6 bits per byte while the IBM mainframe had 32 bit word, 4 bytes per word and 8 bits per byte. Now, back to booting the beast, there were actually several rows of 36 bit displays, which displayed the value of different registers and memory. And what you did was first push the lights on the CPU cabinet, to select the card reader channel and the tape reader channel and then you pushed the correct 36 buttons to to enter the bootstrap instruction. Of course first you had to put the bootstrap card deck in the card reader and load the bootstrap tape on a tape drive. 

Once all this was done you pushed the ENTER button and about 3 attempts later, the mainframe would boot up and come to life. First, the lights would start flashing on the CPU because you had told it to initiate a sequence to read cards from the card reader. Then a card deck of about 100 punched cards which had machine instructions for the tape “driver” software would “read in” into memory and self execute. After that, the tape would begin to move and be read, loading the Operating System into memory, installing all the other necessary device drivers. By the way, this was a big 10 ½ inch magnetic tape reel called “9 track tape” that was about ½ wide and about 2400 feet long.  And if you put normal invisible wrapping tape on the magnetic tape and then lifted off the tape you could see with your eyes the 9 tracks of iron oxide “bits” in their orientation … on or off.  Very cool.

Then if all went according to plan, the system would boot up and you could  enter commands from the operator console, the “only” interactive device at that time. The computer operator would enter commands to check on the status of the system, start the card reader, start jobs in backlog, load and unload disk drives and tape drives and start and stop printers. For instance you would enter the command “RU CR” to start the card reader, which read a “job” and put it in the backlog queue for processing. This was all very impressive, especially when you had several tape drives spinning and a few printers feeding “green bar” paper through them. When all of this was going on in the room it was loud, cold and crazy … I loved it.