2024 and 2017 Eclipse Paths – “God is in the Numbers”

2024 and 2017 Eclipse Paths: God Is in the Numbers
T.W. Tramm – (03/02/24)  https://www.theseasonofreturn.com/

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THE God of the Bible is a God of numbers:
He counts (Matt. 10:30).
He weighs (Lev. 19:35, 36).
He measures (Isa. 40:12).

The resultant connections and patterns reveal the design of the Creator, and each has a particular symbolism attached to it … With this in mind, it is interesting to “measure” the paths of the 2024 and 2017

American eclipses:

The 2024 eclipse-path is 120 miles wide.

This is significant because in Scripture, the number 120 denotes a limit, or endpoint, pertaining to mortal man: the maximum human lifespan is 120 years, and there are 120 jubilees in God’s 6,000-year plan of redemption (Gen. 6:3).

             The 2017 eclipse-path is 70 miles wide.

The number 70 likewise denotes an endpoint and redemption:

• A typical human lifespan is 70 years (Ps. 90:10).
• After being redeemed from Egypt, the Israelites camped at an oasis of 70 palm trees (Ex. 15:27).
• The Jews were redeemed from Babylon after 70 years (Jer. 29:10).
• God’s plan of redemption encompasses 70 weeks (Dan. 9:24–27).

Seeing how the number 70 denotes redemption, particularly for Jews, it is significant that it has now been 10 Sabbatical weeks—equivalent to 70 years— since Israel became a nation again:

1948 + 10 weeks (70 years) = 2024

Additionally, there have been exactly 70 Jubilee periods since the Israelites first entered the Promised Land and began counting the 49-year cycle:

1407 BC + 70 Jubilees (3,430 years) = 2024

That 2024 is a Jubilee year is corroborated by the 70 Weeks Prophecy:

“From the time the word goes out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the prince comes, there will be seven sevens” [one Jubilee period] (Dan. 9:25).

According to the prophecy, a Jubilee period begins after the Jews return to Jerusalem. Since the Jews returned to Jerusalem in June 1967, the count of “seven sevens,” or one Jubilee period, begins at first Sabbatical week after that:

1974 + 49 = 2023 + 1 (Jubilee) = 2024

Our Jubilee calculation dovetails with another remarkable feature of the eclipse-paths: when we subtract the 70-mile-wide path from the 120-mile-wide path, we get 50, the number of Jubilee.

Thus, all three numbers associated with the eclipse-paths—50, 70, and 120—speak of redemption:

• The number 50 denotes the Jubilee, or “year of redemption.”
• The number 70 denotes the redemptions from Egypt and Babylon.
• The number 120 denotes the redemption of fallen man after 120 Jubilees.

But there is more. Adding to the redemption theme, the shadows of the 2024 and 2017 eclipses intersect at an area of Southern Illinois called “Little Egypt,” which happens to lie just south of the major highways I-70 and US 50. “Egypt,” “70,” and “50” are, again, synonymous with redemption.

Finally, if the redemption theme was not far-reaching enough, the 2024 eclipse occurs in the constellation Pisces—the sign that depicts God’s people in bondage—precisely on the Band that binds
the fish, thus signifying a severing of the Band, or a release from bondage.

To appreciate the unlikelihood of a solar eclipse occurring on the Band of Pisces, consider that the Sun is found at this location for only about a day each year.  In 2024, this day happens to coincide with the new moon that marks the beginning of Nisan, also known as the “month of redemption.”

God speaks through numbers.

The numbers associated with the 2024 and 2017 eclipse paths—120, 70, and 50—signify redemption in the ultimate sense.
Other elements of the 2024 eclipse add to the redemption theme:

• It occurs on the Band that binds the fish.
• Its path intersects the 2017 eclipse-path at Little Egypt.
• It occurs in a calculated “year of redemption,” at the beginning of the “month of redemption.”
If we are hearing the Lord correctly, it is time to stand up and lift up our heads, because our redemption is near (Luke 21:28).

1. More on the meanings of numbers in Scripture:

2. Seeing how the number 120 points to the redemption of fallen man, it is noteworthy that Strong’s #120 is the
name “Adam.”

3. The width of an eclipse path will vary by a handful of miles, depending on geography. However, at the location
where the 2024 shadow first enters the US, and which sees the longest duration of darkness (Texas), the path of
totality is calculated to be exactly 120 miles wide:

4. The 2017 eclipse path was 70 miles wide:

5. Sabbatical years (see “WH” for Wacholder): https://www.pickle-publishing.com/papers/sabbatical-yearstable.htm

6. The Jubilee is the “year of redemption,” during which bondservants are set free (Lev. 25).

7. There are 70 primary Interstate Highways in the US. I-70 is considered the dividing line between Central and
Southern Illinois, a.k.a. “Little Egypt.”

8. The 2017 eclipse occurred in the constellation Leo, the final sign of the Mazzaroth that pictures Jesus, the “Lion
of the Tribe of Judah,” coming to judge (Rev. 5:5).

9. More on the 2024 eclipse: